Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Car Wrap Advertising Design

It would be fair to say that there are all kinds of car wraps on the road today, running the graphics-gamut from tasteful to gaudy, subtle to obnoxious and all points in between. While it is true that a car wrap should be eye-popping and generate interest, unlike celebrity tabloid publicity, not all press is "good" if it doesn't generate sales. A successful vehicle wrap actually begins in the design development stage with collaborative thought and strategic planning.

Smart Car Wrap Design

The process is initiated by the Sales Representative who takes the time to interview the Client with a series of leading questions to determine what the objectives are for the marketing effort at hand. Determining the distinctive nature of each business is how a truly custom graphic is created. Asking questions like, "What makes your business different from your competition?" and "How are you unique in the marketplace?" helps to determine what message needs to be conveyed with the vehicle wrap. Narrowing down a list of products or services, locations and contact information is also part of this process.

After a clear picture of the purpose and intent of the graphics is garnered, attention needs to be given to the "canvas" for the art. The size and shape of the vehicle in question is considered for placement of the elements, with special thought to unusual shapes and complex curves. When working with a smaller vehicle, too many images can make a design crowded and illegible. Decisions need to be made about whether or not this is a complete wrap or partial, if windows are part of the overall concept or not, and what surfaces of the vehicle are appropriate for advertising exposure or just wasted space. For instance, unless you want to market to helicopters and small planes, the roof of a vehicle may not warrant much attention!

Truck Wrap Design

Good Design is actually a melding of the desired branding objectives with the practical issues that come with the application. Depending on the type of business to be promoted, the graphic design may focus heavily on visual images or more on text. The design should be informative without being wordy or too busy. An appropriate color scheme and typeface is selected for logo integrity and the type of industry. Working with the existing color of the vehicle and the natural breaks in the design (i.e., doors, hoods, etc.) can contribute to the continuity of the design, ease of installation and potential cost savings. Whether wrapping a single car or an entire fleet, the design must project the desired brand image.

Done well, the design process can take some time with "tweaks" and revisions, but the end result is worth the effort.

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  1. Wow..this is wonderful way of advertisement. Car wrap idea are relatively inexpensive, convenient & flexible and versatile sign options. I am enjoying reading of your post. Thanks for sharing :)
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  2. What you posted is very informative that companies, and even small businesses , can learn from. What's good about vehicle wraps is they can roam around places and effortlessly advertise their product to the people on the streets. Companies need good and effective advertisements for people to notice it. Of course, a lot of things have to be considered before pushing through this concept. They don't only consider the design of the wrap, they even choose what type of car to use.

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