Monday, February 27, 2012

Bumper Sticker Printing in Orlando

Bumper stickers are a very common category of custom stickers which can be seen on almost every bumper of any means of transportation. One of the notable aspects of bumper stickers is its relentless design and matchless print stock which impacts its outlook. But main purpose of using bumper stickers is to get attention whatever the matter may be so they must have a great appearance to get notice and be more attractive on the spot. Only a custom design can give good look to a sticker of any type as well as a quality stock and professional design do wonder. You can test out many of customized bumper stickers and window decals in variety of designs, colors and styles but most of the more artistic styles get your eyes more than a usual or typical type of custom stickers. 

Bumper stickers are adhesive in nature, and stick on the bumpers. Design of the bumper stickers may be of company slogan or anything else. Window decals are also another very famous form of stickers, but most common thing among bumper stickers and window decals is their appearance, they both have always a great manifestation and really well groomed due to their confounding colors, overwhelming design templates and great print stock. No doubt printing stock plays also very important role in enhancing their outlook. A good quality printing stock can have better results and can stand more long time as compare to a poor quality stock. There are a long list of printing stock in use for printing bumper stickers, window decals and car stickers. But all of them have different results. 

Bumper stickers like other stickers may come on white or colored printing paper. Vinyl stock is also in use for bumper stickers printing. Be clear vinyl stock also have options of clear vinyl stock and solid vinyl stock and have different results and life time. Similarly many printing techniques and methods are in use for making a print of stickers. Here you can use digital and offset printing techniques to get more outstanding appearance for your bumper stickers because use of quality stock and latest techniques of printing at the same time results into a very pleasant outlet of stickers.  They become more spectacular when they are designed by professional designers and adorned via gloss and matte finish techniques. These things not only increase their standing time by giving the more flexibility to bear each weather condition but also improve their shine. 

Print out of self adhesive custom stickers on variety of printing stuff is not an easy job, but professional printers are doing this very frequently. You have the ability to get customized printing results by putting your suggestion and print ideas or design ideas for your required stickers. In fact stickers adorned and designed by professional have an astonishing appearance then an ordinary print template selection.  They use different print techniques and print sticks to give a custom shape, more over embossing and de-bossing also in use for giving more elegance touch to stickers.  These print and design services can be purchased from any of well known printer. Hundred of online printers are services with quality printing services now these days. PrintingHost is one of them, here you can purchase and cut down your required stickers in custom shapes, colors and design at very affordable rates. 

All of custom stickers of any form are printed on a glossy white, outdoor vinyl material. Window decals and car stickers become more attractive and sturdy after getting print on vinyl printing stock because this printing stock (solid vinyl and clear vinyl) is waterproof in nature, flexible to peel as stickers printed on vinyl backed with a lay-flat liner that peels and unpeels austerely. The vivid colored window decals, car stickers, bumper stickers on vinyl print stock are made to hold up outdoor marketing tasks for years, and are the latest production of high quality outdoor promotional and advertising tool, as well as the most frequently used product for broadening industry message which they  have to offer or launch. This means that custom stickers will be durable and the colors will stay true for years to come, whether indoors or outdoors if they are well designed by using a good quality print stock.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Choose Trade Show Display Boards

Seeing is believing. Visual aids, such as presentation and display boards, add impact to your message. Whether you use presentation boards as a silent sales tool or to complement a verbal pitch, they reinforce your communication efforts. Small businesses can use presentation and display boards in a number of ways:
  1. Tabletop or booth display at tradeshows
  2. Visual aid in a sales presentation
  3. Tool for in-house meetings
  4. Silent salesperson in your company showroom or office

Keep the design simple

Whether you're using your presentation board in a sales meeting or setting up a display board at a tradeshow, the same design rules apply. The overall design should be clean and simple — think big, bold images and big titles that read like headlines.
Try: For design dos and don'ts, check out the "Deadly Sins of Visual Presentation" and "10 Tips for Designing Effective Presentation Visuals".

Choose tradeshow display boards

Having a display board containing product or service information at your tradeshow booth is one of the most effective ways to communicate your message. Attendees can browse the information on the display board while the booth host demonstrates or discusses the product. Choose from one of many varieties of tabletop display boards.
Try: Portable foldable displays are one the most convenient for tradeshows that require air travel. Wave boards made from flexible plastic roll up and slide into a tube for easy transporting. Fabric pop-up displays are also easy to install by attaching them to a lightweight aluminum frame.

Print your own sales presentations

It isn't always cost-effective to have presentation boards professionally printed for sales calls. Presentation boards can look professional and neat if you do them yourself. By having a stock of blank display boards on hand, you can affix posters and artwork to them.
Try: Find a variety of tri-fold sized blank display boards at To create a great display or storyboard, head to your nearest FedExKinko's store for four-color large format prints that can be pasted to the storyboard. Avery Sign Kits lets you print display boards using your desktop printer.

Use presentation boards for meetings

For in-house meetings or brainstorming sessions, use blank display boards and jot down ideas as they come up.
Try: Dry-erase boards and chalkboards are available at If you have a lot of notes or prefer to save brainstorming notes, try easel pads available at

Find additional uses for tradeshow displays

Put your tradeshow display boards to use even when you aren't at a tradeshow. Large stand-alone tradeshow booth panels do double duty as a visual communication tool when displayed in your office lobby or showroom.
Try: Pop-up tradeshow booths are available from Trade Shows For Less.

  • To quickly make storyboards for a client presentation, use spray adhesive on visuals and affix them to blank foam-core display boards.
  • To convey your message, limit text to essential information that gets the message across and support it with visuals such as photos, graphs or charts. Too much text will make the viewer lose interest.
  • When giving a verbal presentation with visual backup, make sure to put only brief titles or subject headings on the display board with the supporting photos or charts. Putting too much information on the display board can make people lose track of what you're saying because they're too distracted by reading your visual presentation.

Promotional Bumper Sticker Advertising

Eye-catching bumper stickers are an easy way to get your business’ motto, message or contact information in front of a wide range of potential customers. Staying up-to-date with terms that cover the designs, adhesives and styles of promotional bumper stickers will help you create an advertising tool to convey the proper, professional image. Learn about terms including “static vinyl,” “backing sheet imprint” and “zip strips” to design promotional stickers that will both represent your business and generate business.

Backing sheet imprint

Add another promotional benefit to your bumper stickers with a backing sheet imprint. While customers typically remove and toss the backing of the sticker after applying it, printing a coupon, mini flyer or upcoming sales information on the paper will give them reason to keep it and give you another opportunity to advertise.
Try: Absorbent Printing offers backing sheet imprint services on its line of vinyl coated bumper stickers.

Bulk Sticker Promotion

Finding a low cost mass production sticker company that still provides great quality is hard to come by and garbage sticker companies are a dime a dozen. Ordering 5,000 or even 10,000 stickers for your business can be very effective by allowing you to quickly market your campaign almost anywhere, anytime. You can even pass them out to employees to re-pass out to friends which can start a chain reaction of marketing.
Try: Sticker Mammoth offers backing sheet imprint services on its line of vinyl coated bumper stickers.

Paper proof

Be sure to ask for a paper proof before printing promotional bumper stickers to check for typographical errors and ensure that your company logo and design match your original vision.
Try: Read more about the benefits of paper proofs and discover the meanings of other industry terms on the Promo Peddler website.

Zip strips

Customers may be more willing to add a bumper sticker to their vehicle if they know they're easy to remove. Zip strips feature adhesives for easy removal without the hassle of adhesive removers and razor blades.
Try: Check out different styles and sizes of zip strip style bumper stickers through the photos and descriptions at Extra-Mile.

Static vinyl

Present customers with promotional stickers that stick without adhesives. Static vinyl stickers are easy to remove without leaving the typical sticker residue.
Try: Branders offers static vinyl bumper stickers in assorted sizes and shapes for a dynamic look.

Magnetic bumper stickers

Promotional bumper stickers with magnetic backings are the easiest to place, reposition and remove from metal bumpers and car trunks. Be sure to advise customers to remove and clean beneath magnetic bumper stickers about once a week to reduce the possibility of rust formation.
Try: Find styles and discover additional features of magnetic bumper stickers through the photos and descriptions on the Victory Store website.

Window stickers

Give customers the option of promotional bumper stickers or promotional window stickers. Static vinyl window stickers are not only easy to position, but are also more prominent to viewers than traditional bumper stickers.
Try: See different styles and sizes of window stickers on the ePromos website to get design ideas.

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