Thursday, February 9, 2012

Promotional Bumper Sticker Advertising

Eye-catching bumper stickers are an easy way to get your business’ motto, message or contact information in front of a wide range of potential customers. Staying up-to-date with terms that cover the designs, adhesives and styles of promotional bumper stickers will help you create an advertising tool to convey the proper, professional image. Learn about terms including “static vinyl,” “backing sheet imprint” and “zip strips” to design promotional stickers that will both represent your business and generate business.

Backing sheet imprint

Add another promotional benefit to your bumper stickers with a backing sheet imprint. While customers typically remove and toss the backing of the sticker after applying it, printing a coupon, mini flyer or upcoming sales information on the paper will give them reason to keep it and give you another opportunity to advertise.
Try: Absorbent Printing offers backing sheet imprint services on its line of vinyl coated bumper stickers.

Bulk Sticker Promotion

Finding a low cost mass production sticker company that still provides great quality is hard to come by and garbage sticker companies are a dime a dozen. Ordering 5,000 or even 10,000 stickers for your business can be very effective by allowing you to quickly market your campaign almost anywhere, anytime. You can even pass them out to employees to re-pass out to friends which can start a chain reaction of marketing.
Try: Sticker Mammoth offers backing sheet imprint services on its line of vinyl coated bumper stickers.

Paper proof

Be sure to ask for a paper proof before printing promotional bumper stickers to check for typographical errors and ensure that your company logo and design match your original vision.
Try: Read more about the benefits of paper proofs and discover the meanings of other industry terms on the Promo Peddler website.

Zip strips

Customers may be more willing to add a bumper sticker to their vehicle if they know they're easy to remove. Zip strips feature adhesives for easy removal without the hassle of adhesive removers and razor blades.
Try: Check out different styles and sizes of zip strip style bumper stickers through the photos and descriptions at Extra-Mile.

Static vinyl

Present customers with promotional stickers that stick without adhesives. Static vinyl stickers are easy to remove without leaving the typical sticker residue.
Try: Branders offers static vinyl bumper stickers in assorted sizes and shapes for a dynamic look.

Magnetic bumper stickers

Promotional bumper stickers with magnetic backings are the easiest to place, reposition and remove from metal bumpers and car trunks. Be sure to advise customers to remove and clean beneath magnetic bumper stickers about once a week to reduce the possibility of rust formation.
Try: Find styles and discover additional features of magnetic bumper stickers through the photos and descriptions on the Victory Store website.

Window stickers

Give customers the option of promotional bumper stickers or promotional window stickers. Static vinyl window stickers are not only easy to position, but are also more prominent to viewers than traditional bumper stickers.
Try: See different styles and sizes of window stickers on the ePromos website to get design ideas.

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