Monday, October 3, 2011

Cafe Banner Advertisement Ideas

Convince people that your internet café experience is more enjoyable than logging on at home. And make sure you convince as many people as possible by using vinyl banners. Vinyl banners’ durability guarantees that your ads will stay strong and last long. Here are some vinyl banner advertisement ideas you can try out to market your café.

Cafe Banner Advertisement Ideas

 1) Use Artwork and Names of Popular Games

Attract gamers into your café by advertising the games you have. Keep on top of current gaming trends by asking your gamer customers about games they like playing. Maintain an updated game library, but remember to strike a balance between that and your internet café’s budget.

2) Offer a Free Beverage for Patrons who Stay 1 Hour

Give your customers more reasons to stay longer. You can also offer different freebies or discounts to customers if you notice customer groups showing up with different preferences. For example, a regular gaming customer may want an extra hour free instead of a drink if he has stayed in your café for three hours.

3) List the Business Services you Offer

Anticipate what services customers need and offer them in your vinyl banners. Go beyond what customers typically expect of internet cafés if you can. For example, technical computer support can be in-demand in your area if there is no computer repair shop nearby.

4) Announce a “Happy Hour” of Discounted PC Time Early in the Afternoon

Eliminate low customer traffic in the afternoon with a daily Happy Hour. People tend to stay put more in the afternoons, so you can use this to your advantage to attract customers who will stay longer.

5) Use a Banner to Advertise Gaming Tournaments with Fun Prizes
Sponsor tournaments with your regular gamer customers and attract more customers into your café. Familiarity will not breed contempt in these opportunities; the more people know your café, the more chances your business will grow.

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