Monday, October 3, 2011

Orlando Event Advertising With Vinyl Banners

As the holiday season swings into high gear, more event planners and marketers may be looking for ways to get the word out about local events. A simple, cost-effective way to market your next local event is vinyl banner printing.

Vinyl Banner & Sign Printing
Vinyl banners are weatherproof and available in a variety of custom sizes and colors. Just one well-placed banner in a high traffic area can help provide information to a number of people who are likely to be interested in attending. Targeting locally can help to ensure your banners are being seen by the right audience.

What should your banner say? Beyond the obvious (event name, date, location), include a web address where attendees can go to find more information, RSVP to the event, and share it with their friends using social media. Including this simple call to action can help your banners do double-duty. Further, if your event is outdoors, be sure to indicate whether or not the plan is “rain or shine”. This seemingly secondary piece of information can make a huge difference should the weather not cooperate on the day.

Use your banner to highlight an incentive for guests to make the effort to attend your event. While the event itself may sound spectacular, include a small call out to highlight free gifts, door prizes, or other special offers you’ve organized.

Finally, consider the weather as a factor when you decide where to place your banners. While banners on sidewalks in the summertime attract the eyes of window shoppers and foot traffic, this may not be such an effective placement in colder months when your prospects are more likely to be driving.
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  1. The vinyl banners can stand any weather and do not wear off very easily. It can be folded and stored in a small place as it can be rolled conveniently. Vinyl banners are very light weight and can be carried around in a bag if desires. Therefore carrying and transportation of vinyl banners to their destinations is cost effective. Marvelous post!!

  2. Yeah..I do agree. Vinyl banner can stand any weather. It is a great way to convey your message out in the world. The best thing about this banner is that they are weather proof and durable for outdoor locations.
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  3. You can promote any events or business brand using pvc banners. Its really very effective.


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