Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Language of Color in Vehicle Wraps

I once asked an audience during a seminar that I was presenting, “What would you say is the Universal Language in the world?”  Among the answers I received were French(?), Music, Mathematics and, believe it or not, Love!  However, Color has a very distinct language of its own, provoking responses that are both emotional and physiological.  Did you know that Red, while immediately garnering attention also raises your blood pressure?  And Blue, which has an overall calming effect, evokes confidence and trust?  Color is a tool that has been used effectively to sway opinion and influence behavior in such disciplines as interior design, advertising and marketing.  Studies have shown that 85% of all consumer purchases are influenced by color.  In addition, color increases brand recognition by 80% and brand recognition directly links to consumer confidence.  A well-conceived advertising campaign designed to promote business recognition and brand equity needs to feature purposeful, consistent graphic images.

Parent Resource Center Bus Wrap

While the graphic images of outdoor advertising had long been relegated to static billboards and bench signage, vehicle wraps have emerged as the smart choice for your advertising dollar.  Considered mobile billboards, a vehicle wrap will last years, reach thousands of potential customers and allow for targeted strategic marketing.  I liken them to mini-commercials (without the annoying lack of volume control!).  The design challenge in creating a successful vehicle wrap comes in balancing colorful, attention-grabbing graphics in a tasteful, but memorable, manner that will quickly and effectively convey what you do and how to reach you.  When shopping for a vehicle wrap, consider the friendly professionals at Wraps for Less your “image consultants.”  Our experienced design team works closely with our customers to craft their wrap using all the tools of the trade (including Color!) to bring to life their business vision.  A creative wrap will warrant a second look and most certainly expand your company’s recognition while building brand equity, generating interest and sales in any language.

Orlando Signs and Banners, a sister company to Wraps For Less, is a very effective outdoor advertising company located in Orlando Florida where they provide advertising services such as Signs, Banners, Car Wraps, Trade Show Displays and various other cost effective marketing services for small business.

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